the diagnosis

 I could feel the swarm of panic, caution, and chaos as the medics unloaded me out of the ambulance.  Entering the Emergency Room, hospital staff took over asking me a slew of questions–most of which my mind could not process.   I was very nervous; that I do remember distinctly. 


Within a matter of minutes, IV’s were inserted, Electrodes were applied, CAT scan’s were ordered, and family was notified.  This would begin a plethora of tests, which in the days to follow would detect a cyst on the right side of the temporal lobe.   The scans turned into M.R.I’s and the testing turned into a diagnosis.  It became clear that whatever the “it” was, it did not belong in my head.  Two days later, upon confirmation of test results and review by a panel of Neurologists, the decision was made to operate…

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