5K run(walk) to benefit Special Olympics on 4/21…Finish on the 50 yard line!!!

If you were to tell my doctors seven years ago that I was going to participate in an event in which I would be walking 5 kilometers, they would say, “you’re out of your mind.”  If you were to make the same statement to my Rehabilitation Specialists five years ago, they would have had their doubts.  Three years ago, they all would have simply said to me, “don’t try anything stupid to screw up your progress.”  But, if you were to make the statement today that Jonathan is going to walk a 5k  this Sunday morning, I bet they all would give the challenge a “thumbs up”!


An FYI….I graduated from Penn State University twelve years ago and left the area.   Five years ago I returned to “Happy Valley” (State College, Pennsylvania) to start a business venture.  Those that know me best understand that I take the whole “We Are Penn State” deal pretty seriously.


Well, one of my goals in life has always been to pass through the tunnel and onto the field of Beaver Stadium where my Nittany Lions host collegiate opponents on any given Saturday during the fall football season.  Another goal has been to run (walk) in an organized event as I did from time to time before my injury.  Well, this Sunday, assuming all goes well, both of these goals will be achieved.


I will be participating in The Beaver Stadium 5kRun to benefit the Special Olympics.  The finish line happens to be on the 50-yard line of Beaver Stadium.  I’ve had my eye on this event for a couple years now, and I feel that physically this will be no problem for me.  I’ve trained for a year, and I am looking forward to killing two birds with one stone on this Blue and White weekend.


If some of you are wondering…1) Yes, I will have someone with me at all times to make sure nothing goes wrong during the event and 2) I will most likely come in dead last!


I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes.  I am very excited to pull this one off—see you on the 50!!

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