Mechanical Bull Riding…Why Not?

Last Friday evening a few of of my Philadelphia acquaintances and I moseyed into Valley Forge Resort and Casino for a little dinner and gaming. As soon as the blackjack tables ran cold we took a little tour of the grounds only to come across a country western inspired establishment complete with a mechanical bull. Now I have seen a couple of these riding machines at random carnivals, outdoor gatherings, and fairs but never have I seen one in this type of environment.

The gears in my brain started to churn immediately and after say about a half hour, I worked my way over to the operator of the attraction. We informed him of my disability and it took no more that a three-minute discussion of how to hoist me on to this apparatus and a signed wavier of consent, and I was ready to ride this bad boy.

Getting me onto the bull was a little challenging because 1) the surface around the machine is that of one of those blow up bouncy houses which has no stability whatsoever and 2) getting my affected leg over the saddle was a much bigger stretch than I had anticipated.

The operator was extremely accommodating and obviously started the ride very slow. I nestled in quickly and it only took but about 15 seconds to get the weight shifting down accordingly. With a huge grin on my face and the “Give ‘er hell” nod I lasted roughly 20 seconds more till I got bucked right off of the beast. The landing transition was quite smooth as well (just in case you were wondering).

Now, I will tell you that the next day, the insides of my loins felt like I had hung out with an advanced course yoga instructor the prior evening rather than a mechanical bull; but it was an excellent test of balance and core strength and one of those ridiculous acts of spontaneity that I am happy to say that I’ve now checked off on the old bucket list.

…And one last thing, does anybody know the name of the song playing by chance? After one minute and thirty seconds, it starts to grow on you!

Parking Jobs

Parking Jobs

I went to see the movie “Jobs” yesterday. In typical Steve Jobs fashion, I slammed my car right into the handicapped spot just for the hell of it! Many know my feelings on the whole “handicapped parking” concept but I heard some time ago that this brilliant lunatic used to park illegally on a frequent basis simply to go against the grain of society. Every now and again I feel that’s not such a bad idea.

And sure enough, when I retuned after the film, my vehicle had not been towed nor fined as the signs always point out.

There is a scene in the movie where he does this signature park job. It obviously brought a huge smile to my face and a slight chucked outburst to my chair that no one else around me saw to be amusing in the least.

Simply stated- he was a luminous individual. I shall recommend this film to you all.