Route 18 Revisited

This stretch of highway plays a critical role in my story and in my life. As I ‘ve written and stated so many times…route 18 acts as my personal “ground zero”. This is where the story starts and as you’re about to see…It very easily could have all ended.

Last week, while doing business in Central NJ,…I drove both south and northbound of the accident site mainly to get my bearings as to exactly where the former Commercial Avenue intersection WAS. Still driving this road in the years after the accident, I knew that the intersection was taken out and replaced by an exit and bridge to reduce traffic in this heavily congested roadway in New Brunswick.

I do recall very vividly as to where lost consciousness but I cannot believe how much further the vehicle went once the seizure hit.

I know that I take a slightly jovial approach to explaining the events in this video but you can tell quickly that this could have ended much differently. Keep in mind that I was blacked out, my foot was on the gas pedal, and the Commercial Avenue intersection was extremely congested most hours of the day. The timing of the woman who impulsively got me off the road and stopped is something that simply cannot be explained. What is to say is that her actions probably saved my life.

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