Table Tennis in NJ Central


I go back to high school and college to reminisce about countless brutal table tennis clashes back in the day. 


Last Wednesday, I was conducting business in my old office in New Jersey when I found myself paddle in hand and giving a few seasoned table tennis players a real run for their money.  There were moments that it seemed to some spectators in the break room that I responded to the Ping-Pong ball as though my body was completely unaffected by disability.  It was a great feeling to almost spontaneously become competitive again in an activity that I haven’t even thought about in many years.


Now, the obvious struggle was quickly adapting to serving with one hand in which I’d release the ball upwards and attempt to put a slight amount of spin on the ball.  Though awkward in approach, this act would initially slow the volley down to a point that became, as I was told several times, “frustrating” to nearly all of my competitors.  Then, as the rally picked up, my defensive strategy quickly shifted to an offensive approach.  The competitor service return was no problem for me at all. 


Naturally, the right-hand compensated forehand became the powerhouse move of my domination.  Even my backhand shots had a little “zip” on them as my confidence picked up in the later matches.


Final scores from Worldwide Express NJ Central from Wednesday, October 30 as follows…


Jonathan Miller vs Greg Hurley 21-14  (W)(sympathy match)

Jonathan Miller vs Greg Hurley 26-24  (W)

Jonathan Miller vs Pete Kleiner 21-17  (W)

Jonathan Miller vs Branden Bowden 21-15  (W)

Jonathan Miller vs Tal Borovsky 17-21 (L)Image

2 thoughts on “Table Tennis in NJ Central

  1. you beat me fair and square. good post. since you have left, there is a paddle size hole in the wall under the picture from when Doug beat Leon the other day.

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