it’s all downhill from here

So I hit the slopes over the weekend to close out 2013. It was a much different environment from my experience last year. No beginner slopes and no slowing down of chairlifts this time around-The challenges of the day compiled rather quickly.

I realized immediately that there is one huge difference between how I look at a mountain now compared to back in the day. Those long green runs look as intimidating as ever now. My left leg senses the threat of the slope grade as I stumbled off the chairlift at the summit. It is the same sensation that I felt when I learned how to walk down stairs again. The connection from my brain to my leg creates a sense of panic and the spasticity fires up immediately as I strapped into my bindings.

There is a ton of trial and error in all of this. My right leg fatigued fast as it naturally tried to overcompensate for the left. By the end of the afternoon, my left leg was completely shot due to muscles, which haven’t fired, in such a long time. The transition off the chairlift is still a challenge but I did not need as much assistance with getting myself upright while being strapped to my board. All and all…it was a really good day. There are few things better than a day on the mountain.

I’ll try to post some footage as well.

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