teaming up with Kinesiology/Neurology department at Penn State

teaming up with  Kinesiology/Neurology department at Penn State

Over the past few months I have been working with Dr. Robert Sainburg’s team in the Department of Kinesiology/Neurology at Penn State University. Robert’s laboratory and staff focus on the brain mechanisms that are responsible for planning and executing voluntary arm movements.

We are working together in an attempt to retrieve additional arm function in my left arm while obtaining data for Dr. Sainburg’s team to further design and develop his arm movement tracking system called “Trackstar/Kinereach”. I believe that this technology could potentially be a real “game changer” for rehabilitation clinics when trying to maximize affected arm functionality.

Dr. Sainburg’s laboratory focuses on examining movements in people with unilateral brain injuries in order to examine how each brain hemisphere contributes different things to motor control processes. In this respect, their team uses subjects such as me as a lesion model to learn more about the brain. On the other hand, they are hoping to develop a better understanding of how to train motor skills when one has either right or left hemisphere damage.

For the PT’s, OT’s, and Neurologists out there, you will understand how huge this technology is for a person such as myself who has lost significant mobility in the arm due to stroke.

For the rest of the TBI community who are desperately looking for technology that focuses on targeting the specific damaged areas of the brain in relation to arm mobility, this could be the future of occupational therapy.

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