…”Chicago” — I had so much fun the first two days, I decided to stay 2 more!!!

IMG_0250 5

Most know me as this “hard hitting, fly by the seat of my pants business mentality” which is all fun and games until I find myself stranded at the MDW Airport in Chicago. Apparently I mixed up my arrival and departure time when putting my flight information into my fancy iPhone 5S! (Or whatever the hell the latest and greatest apple phone product is out there currently!) Missed my flight home because I didn’t take 20 seconds to confirm what I logged into my phone…. It’s simply ridiculous in principle and irresponsible in nature, so this is the price I pay!!!


Money poorly spent in Taxi service to and from the airport, airline fees to rebook the original itinerary, (which is 2 days out because of the airline back into Harrisburg), 2 extra nights in hotel rooms, food, drink, transportation, yada, yada, yada!


I told one of my best sales reps one day after a blown cold call to simply “SLOW DOWN”! Well, perhaps, I need to SLOW DOWN myself, and accept that my world moves a little slower than most. And that’s not how I’m wired, but it simply makes sense all the same.


Listen, I’ll be fine out here! It’s the city of Chicago for cryin’ out loud! I surely shall keep myself content in this next 48 hour extended vacation/layover I can assure you. But SLOW IT DOWN. Especially in planning important events and decision-making. You don’t want to regret things of this nature; rather you want to “Nail It!” plain and simple!


So, I might just hit the Willis (Sears) Tower tomorrow morning! I hear its only 2,019 steps from the first floor to the top—if you refuse to take the elevators!

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