Cards and Words of Kindness

As the ten year anniversary of my surgery approaches in less than a month from now, I’m slowly getting myself into a reflective mindset to process how far my journey has come to this point…

Given last weeks “snowed in weekend”, I started pulling out my journals, medical reports, and boxes filled to the brim with all sorts of medical memorabilia. Cards and notes wishing for a fast and full recovery from all over, of people who were cheering, rooting, and praying for me to regain my strength in the rehabilitation hospital. So I went through one of the boxes, reading the names of cards sent and each personal note enclosed. It was a tough exercise for me both physically and mentally but is unreal how many people reached out and how many kind words that were written.

In the hospital, it was far too overwhelming as well as tasking to read the notes of caring and kindness. Looking through them now gives a true perspective of how many people were pulling for me at an extremely challenging and grim point in my life.

So many of the cards were titled “Get Well Soon”. Well, in my scenario I just needed to get well. And so much of the healing process was in the knowing of how many people were behind this campaign to get back as much as I possibly could physically and cognitively. The amount of support is truly amazing and inspiring!

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