South Florida Tourist: Good morning sir, how are you?
Me: I’ve never felt better!
SFT: Well, that’s incredible! What brings you to Florida?
Me: Long Story!
SFT: Yeah?
Me: (Now the guy seemed intrigued so figured I’d give him the typical quick snapshot) I had a massive stroke ten years ago today so I’m down here to commemorate the occasion.
SFT: Well that’s incredible, you’re so young! What happened?
Me: Longer Story!
SFT: Well what are you doing today to mark the occasion?
Me: Jumping out of an airplane….

SFT Reaction??? PricelessDCIM157GOPRO

Celebrating Stroke Doesn’t Suck!

So many of you have followed my journey over the past 10 years.  It has been an overwhelming few days of reflection, commemoration, and celebration  which has been nothing shy of fantastic!

Thank you all for your support and prayers over the years.  There are few times in a persons life when one can truly say that to this point, I have never been so happy or healthy!hospital

Route 18 and Commercial Avenue intersection police report February 17, 2006

NB Report

Every time that I’m back in New Jersey Central, I try to take an hour or two out of my day to commemorate my journey to this point..

This particular trip led me to the New Brunswick Police Department where I attempted to locate the police report of my accident on route 18. I wanted to obtain it for two reasons 1) I never can remember the incident date 2) Far more importantly, I wanted to retrieve any information possible on the woman who got my vehicle off the road when I blacked out approaching Commercial Avenue intersection.

After a day of digging (I learned that certain reports of this nature are sometimes deleted once the officer closes out the incident report) they found the documentation. -As noted in the past, we made a couple attempts to reach out to this woman to thank her for her act of heroism that day. She never responded. I don’t know how to feel about that.  I suppose that some people simply want to remain anonymous for one reason or another. They have their reasons and I respect that. I feel its important to point out in our everyday lives there are angels amongst us…and you never know when they may show up…Especially on 2/17/2006!