Sinking or Swimming with Paralysis?

Last summer, I went to a pool with my nephews. The six year old asked, “Uncle Jonny, can you swim”? I wanted to get a rise out of him so I replied “Im not sure but why don’t you think I can”? He responded “Because your arm doesn’t work and that thing on you leg (referring to my Walkaide unit used for my footdrop). I kept thinking this little fella is pretty smart for connecting these minor setbacks all together so I hoisted myself up on the diving board and slowly shimmed out with my left leg shaking frantically with spasticity (It always does when not on stable surface) and took a leap to satisfy his curiosity.

I had the opportunity to prove the results of this experiment again last weekend at Lake Wallenpaupack….

Further Lake Lunacy

I’m not quite sure what contractual agreements were not enforced, blatantly infringed, and flat out violated by the captain and crew of this rented vessel, but I highly doubt that a team of four deck mates hoisting me onto the roof so I could set my personal “disabled diving bar” higher was agreed upon in the contract!