Two of my Greatest Nemeses Collide : ICE AND ARENA SEATING

By this point we all know that ice and I have not seen eye to eye.  I’ve ungracefully wiped out due to freezing conditions more times than I’d like to count. Whether it be shoveling snow, taking out trash, grabbing my mail at the end of the driveway, or slip then bail acrobatics in a few parking lots over the past years. (Last night I attended the Dallas Stars vs Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game and thought the segue was appropriate so just roll with it!)

However, navigating Arenas and Stadiums can present a whole slew of challenges for patrons with even the smallest of disabilities.  I have learned three tips which I feel are worth the share when attending events in these complexes…

  1. Arrive early-This way you don’t have to maneuver and snake through the masses in order to find your seats, hit up concessions, or use the rest rooms.  You avoid feeling rushed and overwhelmed as well.
  2. The aisle seat-I tend to purchase aisle seats whenever possible. When I book tickets, I often explain my situation to will call, the ticket agent, or concierge. With my paralysis, it just makes my world a little easier.  It becomes challenging trying to navigate around attendees in narrow aisles as well as others trying to slide past in front of me.  Plus it gives me a little extra room from a comfort standpoint.  (Having the bladder size of a squirrel such as myself makes the aisle seat vital commodity as well.)
  3. (And this is a big one!) Ask for assistance-Why do venue operations hire so much staff?  So event goers can have a great customer experience!  Certain venues have inadequate parking, seating, elevator access, handrails, entrance/exit points, and amenity access.  Staff typically understands the shortcomings of their respective facilities.  They are there for guidance and information purposes so just ask for help! You are not inconveniencing anyone in asking to navigate you through the facility.

As you can see, these stairs down to our seats were extremely steep and narrow.  Getting up and down was a little challenging but an over all success due to adequate time and planning before puck drop.  Finally, a shout out to the American Airlines Center staff is deserved.  They were on point and Awesome!



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