Ischemic Tongue Twisters on Year II

Journal Entry 9/19/2017

I was just informed thirty minutes ago that I was diagnosed with yet another stroke.  This is in no way tied to the previous incident eleven years ago.  It feels like winning the lottery yet being struck by lightning twice type of deals.  I have been told that this is a freak event in no way caused by my own doing.  The tear was found in my neck causing the difficulty with speech.

If there is no meaning to all of this, then I am loosing my own battle.  I do not loose!  I’m frustrated beyond belief but towards no one in particular.  People will find out in the hours ahead in disbelief.  I am relieved that this is not associated with the first go around.  I am not sure as of this moment yet somehow I wanted it this way.  At least I know what the goal is up front and not having to deal with the aftermath later is a slight relief.  I’ll come back better than ever through all of this.  I’ll take it and I’ll beat it again!


*The below footage was taken by my sister a few hours after I was admitted into Mount Nittany Medical Center.  My speech was moderately compromised due to the impact of an ischemic stroke (clots) occur when a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain is obstructed.  A Hemorrhagic stroke (bleed) occurs when a blood vessel is ruptured.

On this day two years ago, I became the proud owner of both!



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