Walk a mile in My Shoes

The rough math goes as follows: On average I walk 4 times per week at a typical distance of 3 miles (not including general getting around from point A to point B jaunts throughout the city).
4 X 3= 12 miles per week
12 X 4= 48 miles per month
48 X 12= 576 miles per year

576 X 8= 4,608 miles muscled over the course of 8 years.
Total distance from NYC to LA is 3944 miles.

I always get a little bummed out when parting with my sneakers and the above equation explains why. Many of us (myself included) can dig through our closets to find clothing that we have worn just a couple times over a duration of several years. Sometimes, we find the price tag is still attached to garment that we simply forgot about for whatever reason. And how many times does the psychological battle of “Do I keep it or part with it?” creep in to the mind in reflection of importance attached to the specific item.

My sneakers have become a very important part of my “recovery-getup” ever since I entered rehab. Comfort and support are essential when re-training leg and foot functionality to this day. I’ve become a touch of a minimalist over the past couple years with relocating and such so I don’t have/need an oversized closet filled to the brim with lavish exercise swag. However, I do know that when I’m in the market for new walking gear, I will likely get a solid return on my investment and therefore, I’m not as price conscious as I may be in other personal purchase strategies.

When I wear one pair out, I simply replace with another. This was the first pair that was purchased in Dallas well over a year ago. They served their purpose and then some. Together, we’ve experienced our share of exquisite concrete wipeouts as well as adventure across the world. Its been a solid run (or walk in this case).

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