The Trail Never Ends

As with the path to recovery, rehabilitation is infinite to the mind that strives each day to get better.  As I reflect back to my early days post surgery, nothing worked.  My arms, my legs, my fingers, my sight, my mouth, and my short term memory were all affected by the hemorrhagic stroke.  There was no place to start other than at the beginning.  I had no idea what a journey this would turn out to be.  I was frustrated, confused, and scared in this new environment.  That was until the professionals around me started to put an action plan in place.  It was my job to set goals and stick to the plan.  Results came slow (sometimes dreadfully slow).  But the long term vision began to play itself out and I started to feel my body figuring out the means to adapt.  I was starting to mend.  The key was to keep going!  Fight for small wins each day.  Each piece of this convoluted puzzle in recovery has a place.  Dig in and don’t stop!  Set goals and stick to them.  Find your purpose and rediscover your quality of life!


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